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TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction)

Conservative TMJ Therapy in Jackson, Mississippi

The temporomandibular joints (TMJ) can have a variety of conditions that affect the jaw muscles and facial nerves.  At Tramel And Brown Family, we offer proven treatment procedures that are unintrusive and provide the most effective results for our patients.  Our dentists, Dr. Michael T. Tramel and Dr. Mary Tison Brown often recommend splint therapy as an initial resolution for this disorder.

What is Splint Therapy?

Other words for an oral splint are mouth guard, night guard, and bite plate.  These can be made of hard or soft plastic and can be worn on the upper or bottom teeth, depending on your circumstances.

Types of Splints

There are essentially two types of splints: stabilization splits and repositioning splints.  Stabilization splints are used to prevent clenching.  Repositioning splints are used to realign the lower jaw by pulling it forward.  Some patients may only have to wear the guards overnight, while others require several hours of daytime use as well.

Ways Splint Therapy Works

Just like a traditional splint for a broken leg, the splint is used to allow the muscles and ligaments in your jaw to relax.  The splint relieves the facial muscles of tension that clenching, bruxism or other jaw problems may cause.

tmj pain in Jackson, MS
  • If you happen to be a patient that grinds your teeth, splints may protect your teeth from further wear and damage which can prevent pain and sensitivity.
  • If your bite is off, the splint will adjust the entire bite to alleviate muscle strain, allowing them to rest.

In addition to splint therapy, jaw exercises are helpful in preventing recurrences of TMJ pain. Our Jackson TMJ professionals can prescribe the appropriate exercise along with custom mouth guards to alleviate your facial pain and stiffness.

Teeth clenching is common, and many who do this are not aware of it, especially if they are clenching during sleep.

To Learn More about TMJ Pain Relief in Jackson, MS

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